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For your patients with clinical ASCVD or HeFH who require additional lowering of LDL-C, on top of maximally tolerated statins,

PRALUENT: Introducing a 60% lower list price

The lower list price is expected to reduce PRALUENT out-of-pocket costs for patients, especially those on Medicare.
  • Most Medicare patients can expect to pay between $25 and $150 per month*
  • Eligible commercial patients may still access the PRALUENT copay offer, which may reduce the copay to $0 (restrictions apply)
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Simplified prior authorization process for some plans1


NEW NDCs with a 60% lower list price2


Only PCSK9i that offers 2 powerful dosing options3‡

Based on patient’s efficacy needs.


Sanofi and Regeneron recognize that out-of-pocket costs for PRALUENT are a very important consideration for both patients and healthcare providers. This is why we have created the 60% lower list price National Drug Codes (NDCs). Based on this new price, Medicare patients are expected to pay between $25 to $150 per month (subject to plan adoption and tier placement). Eligible commercially-insured patients still have access to the PRALUENT copay offer which allows them to pay as little as a $0 copay (restrictions apply). You can refer patients to the MyPRALUENT offerings. Find out more information here or call 1-844-772-5836 – Option 1.

No, you can continue prescribing PRALUENT as you currently are for your appropriate patients. However, the new PRALUENT NDC options might be a more appropriate option for some of your patients. You can continue to prescribe PRALUENT (75 mg or 150 mg) as you currently are and the pharmacist will determine which NDC to dispense based on your patient’s coverage.

The new lower list price NDCs for PRALUENT 75 mg and 150 mg are the same formulation, same device, and same dosing regimens that you are already familiar with.

  • You can continue to prescribe PRALUENT as you currently do. The pharmacists will determine which NDC to dispense according to the individual patient’s coverage. The new NDCs will become available early March
  • Only the product name and dose will be in the EHR. The pharmacy will see the two NDCs for each dose and they will choose the appropriate one to fill

Yes, pharmacies are currently being notified of the new NDCs. They will have access to the product and be able to order the new NDCs in early March.

No, you can continue to prescribe PRALUENT in the same manner you always have, regardless of whether it is through MyPRALUENT, a specialty pharmacy, or a retail pharmacy.

*Subject to plan adoption and tier placement determination.

Eligible patients with commercial insurance not funded through a government healthcare program such as Medicare, Medicaid, or TRICARE subject to program terms and restrictions.


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