PRALUENT® (alirocumab) Dosing

The only PCSK9 inhibitor that allows you to adjust the dose based on your patients’ LDL-C lowering needs1

PRALUENT Dosing Flashcard

The recommended starting dose is 75 mg administered subcutaneously every 2 weeks or alternatively 300 mg every 4 weeks (monthly) for patients who prefer less frequent dosing*

  • The majority of patients achieve sufficient LDL-C reduction with the 75-mg dosage
  • Measure LDL-C levels within 4 to 8 weeks of initiating PRALUENT 75 mg Q2W or just prior to the next scheduled dose for patients receiving PRALUENT 300 mg Q4W
  • If the LDL-C response is inadequate, the dosage may be adjusted to the maximum dosage of 150 mg administered every 2 weeks. For patients adjusting from 300 mg Q4W, start the new dose on the next scheduled dosing date

On top of maximally tolerated statins,

PRALUENT: The only PCSK9 inhibitor with 2 doses with 2 levels of LDL-C lowering power1

Powerful LDL-C reduction on top of maximally tolerated statins with the 75 mg and 150 mg doses as shown in 2 clinical trials that included ASCVD patients1


  1. PRALUENT® (alirocumab) Prescribing Information. Sanofi/Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, 2017.

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