FH I & FH II Studies — LDL-C Efficacy 75 mg/150 mg (in HeFH)

On top of maximally tolerated statins

PRALUENT® (alirocumab): Powerful LDL-C reduction in patients with HeFH1

Additive effect beyond statins in nearly 500 HeFH patients1

  • At week 12: 66% of patients achieved LDL-C goal based on CV risk2*
  • At week 12: 43% LDL-C reduction with PRALUENT 75 mg vs +5% with placebo1
  • ASCVD population: Overall, 45% of these patients with HeFH also had clinical ASCVD1
View examples of patients with ASCVD or HeFH

HeFH diagnosis by genotyping or by clinical criteria1

  • Clinical criteria: “Definite FH” using either the Simon Broome or WHO/Dutch Lipid Network criteria

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  2. Data on file, Sanofi/Regeneron.

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